Naturally dyed eggs

The tradition of natural dyeing of  eggs goes in many directions and this one that I did is maybe my favourite and for me the most beautiful one, full of creative energy; it takes time to make them and now that we do have time, it shows us how magical is to be present. So, let’s begin! 

What will we need: 

  • eggs (we can bleach ordinary ones with vinegar and water and then with sponge scrub the rest of the colour)
  •  red onions peels
  • turmeric
  • dandelions
  • nettle
  • spirulina
  • vinegar
  • one old nylon socks
  • thread
  • all kinds of flowers, herbs u can find or like


Now that we have all that we need, the process is really nice and not that hard. We first buy or collect nettle and dandelions (picture above); we have them in the garden and I never did it before, so we gave it a try. Red onion peels I tried before, and it always gives a really good colour.

The herbs u take must sticks to the egg really nicely so the trace of it can stay on after we boil them in the paint. First u take flower or herb and u put it in the cold water and then easily stick them to the egg and cover with old nylon socks. If u have someone to help you, the process will be easier, while u hold the herb, the other one can press stocking into the herb and egg and then lock everything with the cotton thread. You can make them into one sausage without cutting the nylon or cut them one by one. We did the other solution, cause we had more colours and not that many eggs. The whole point of pressing herbs to the egg with naylon is that we get a flower/herb painting in the end of the cooking and colouring. So, please get creative and playful- mix and match herbs and flowers together that normally don’t come in that order.




The trick with water and herbs, is to put them into pot and to add vinegar so the colour sticks to the eggs while boils . Also, before I tried with normal eggs, but the white one will accept the colour much better. Put all together in a pot and let it boil before u add eggs . In nettle we added a bit of spirulina and to dandelions, turmeric for the colour to pop up. 

After a few minutes water starts to bubble, and we add eggs in, cook for a few more minutes – aprox. 7 min (if we cook more the egg will crack). Turn off the heat and let them rest for as long as you want. I think this ones were inside for one and a half or two hours.

Put your eggs out, and let them dry. After that, cut the stocking and take the herbs down. I was really happy with dandelions and nettle for this time, and will use them in combination with turmeric and spirulina again. For the notice- u can use a lot more herbs to colour your eggs; this is just what we did this time. Also, if you want them to be shiny use oil on them after they dry out. For me mat version was more beautiful this time. In the end, decorate them in the bowl with fresh cherry flowers, it is the season so use the blessings from the nature on other parts of the table too!

This little project reminded me of the monks who make sand mandalas for days and then they destroy everything in one moment – to see the transience of the world and life. So, enjoy the beauty of making it and then crushing the painted peel into small pieces. Try to bring peel back to the ground, burry it under the tree or anyplace u like. 



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