Easy almond milk

To start, I wanted to put this in a story or post on Instagram, but then, I always talk how I wanna start writing more, so lets to it like this!

I tried to make rice milk a few times and in the end it was a disaster- so I started to buy spelt or oat milk at the market as I don’t drink animal milk; and to be honest it is full of sugars and crap that is not good for us and for a long time I wanna do my own, but was annoyed with the previous experiences. Today I decided to make my own almond milk and now I will show you what we get from only one cup of almonds!

We need:

-one cup of almonds

– water (4 cups and water for almonds to rest over night)


-honey (or any sugar replacement u like)


-cotton cloth

-baking paper

-one glass bottle

-one glass jar or a container


Put almonds in a bowl and cover them up with water and let them rest for the night. In the morning peel the shell off and then put almonds in the blender (peeling is a bit of a process, approx. 20 min for one cup) along with one and a half cup of water (new, clear) and mix it for like one minute. U will get creamy almond paste. Then add cinnamon, honey and two and a half more cups of water – mix it till u get milky texture. How sweet it will be depends how much honey do you put in, for me one bigger wooden spoon was enough. 

Take a cotton cloth and put it over bigger bowl and pour out milk trough it. Don’t do it all at once cause u will have to milk the milk out the cloth, and also u will get almond leftovers that we will use too! So, when the milk is squeezed out, we put glass container into the oven and let it disinfect for a while, along with the plug. From the almond leftovers we will make flour – from one cup i got 1L of milk and 100g of flour. Pour your milk into the glass bottle and plug it, put it back in the oven for 1 min if you are not gonna use it right away – cause it will seal the plug and keep the milk from going bad. The same we will do with the flour, but on the baking paper, for about 5-7 min; it will not be fully dry after the oven, so, u can let it dry with air and then after place it in the jar or container.

The milk will last you about 2-3 days in the fridge. U can make milk from oats or coconut, but then the procedure is a bit different. Either way u get flour and milk from one cup.

This milk for me is the best when drank alone; in the coffee or porridge is also nice, but the taste is best felt without mixing the milk with anything. 

So I don’t forget – almond peels can be used dry and crushed in cereals, ice creams, porridge, yogurt, etc. or can become part of your body peeling, as they are good in fighting cellulite; or just bring them back to earth as a natural compost and fertiliser in your garden, forest,…

Also, make everything u do look nice, put it in the nice package, write a note on it and do it so u enjoy the view, not only the taste!This was super easy and fun, and we get a lot from only one cup of almonds; nature is great, really- don’t you agree?!

If you have any questions or wanna share something, u can write to me here or on Instagram. 

oh, and now I see my hair in the photo 😀




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